Pounce & Play Once A Day

Pounce and Play Once a Day!

Cat toys, scratching mats, beds, and more! 

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"I am in LOVE with Pouncing Cats! When my cat saw what was in the box I couldn't get her away from it. Everything about this box is HIGH quality! I totally recommend the box as a subscription or even just a gift for any cat owner!"

Jenna S.

"Safe to say the girls are ECSTATIC over their goodies! They already freed the mouse from their cage and I need a coffee in my new mug! Great stuff can't wait for the next month!"

Queen Victoria & Agatha Raisin (Instagram)

"Just received my 1st Pouncing Cats box. All the kitties love it and so does the human. THANK YOU for including a special note ref. to dinner. The cats love everything!"

Christina M.

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