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3 Fun Facts About Cats

Cats are unique animals, and the more you learn about them the more unique they become! All cats have different personalities, much like humans. With different personalities comes a lifetime of fun, crazy adventures with any furry friend! You may think you know everything about your cat, but did you know these 3 fun facts? 

Whiskers Are Used as a Survival Tool, Not a Fashion Accessory

While many people think cats have whiskers just for cuteness, this is not the case at all. Cat whiskers are actually advanced sensory tools that helps a cat navigate through small spaces, navigate in the dark, and avoid predators (even if that's the family dog). When something touches a cat's whisker, the cat will be able to identify the size, shape and texture of the thing he/she is touching. MEWOW!

This can be a very useful tool for them when they are running around the house in the middle of the night! While whiskers are seen by humans to simply add to the cuteness of our cats, they act as an important life tool for our furry friends! If you want to see just how sensitive a cat's whisker is, gently touch the tip of one and see if your cat reacts! 

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We Can Thank Ancient Egyptians for Domestic Cats 

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to domesticate cats over 4,000 years ago!  They were used to control vermin and other pests in order to protect food. Soon, the cat was seen to the Ancient Egyptians as being gods and goddesses, and they were worshiped by all! The domestic cat soon spread all across Europe, and soon to the new world with the pilgrims. It didn't take long for domestic cats to be on almost every continent!

Today, domestic cats are well recognized for having almost all of the same traits as their ancestors (something that fascinates scientists). These traits include their arresting eyes, body shape/size, feeding and grooming habits, and ability to pounce at any given moment. Cats have been worshiped for thousands of years, and will likely be worshiped for thousands more!

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Cats Have A Longer Life Expectancy Thanks To Modern Medicine 

30 years ago, the average household cat only lived to about 7-9 years old. Today, thanks to medical advancements and veterinary care, household cats are living to about 12-16 years old (and some even older than that)! With the right food and care, your furry friend can be around much longer to cause trouble in the house! 

The oldest living cat on record, Creme Puff, lived in Austin,Texas. Creme Puff was born August 3, 1967 and passed away August 6, 2005 at the amazing age of 38 years old! While many cats have been recorded to be in their 20s, no cat has reached the age of Creme Puff! With modern medicine however, cats are expected to start living much older, maybe even older than 38 years old! 

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Now you know even more about your cat! Admire their whiskers, consider their ancestors, and get used to them ruling the house for many more years! Thank you for reading these 3 fun facts about cats, and please feel free to comment or share with other furry families! We hope you have a puuurrrrfect day! 



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