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Welcome To Pouncing Cats Community!

Dear Cat Friends, 

Welcome to Pouncing Cats Community! We are so excited you have decided to join us and we look forward to meeting you! We are Simon and Garfunkel (The Cats), and we are the CEOs (Cat Executive Officers) of Pouncing Cats! We wanted to introduce ourselves and give you a better idea of who we are. 

Our Adoption Story

We were adopted 4 years ago by the best family ever. Before we were adopted, we were abandoned by our previous owners and left in the streets to be found by a local animal shelter. Things were very sad back then and we weren't sure we would ever be adopted. Then, on the best day ever, our hoomans walked into that door and choose US! How amazing is it that not only did we get the best family, but the best family chose both of us together! It's hard to find families willing to adopt 2 cats in one day, but they wanted us to stay together and we are forever grateful for them. 

Our Lives Now

We have moved once with them to a fun, one story house. Here we live with Mom hooman, Dad hooman, Sister hooman and our golden retriever brother, Oliver. Oliver is our best friend and we love to play with him in the day and sleep by him at night. We have 4 beds and 5 baskets to sleep in around the house, but we usually just sleep on the hooman beds. We get lots of yummy treats and we get served the best food! We also have lots of fun toys (only the best toys around). We have everything we could have ever asked for, and we have our hoomans to thank for that! Some say we are spoiled, but we just think our hoomans know who is in charge around here. 

About Pouncing Cats

So what is Pouncing Cats all about, you might be wondering. Well we wanted to first share our experience with the world and bring up the importance of adopting. Second, we wanted to create a community for all cat lovers to be apart of. Finally, we wanted to find all of the best toys that we recommend personally and put them in one place for our furry friends!

Not only this, but we wanted to give back to our hoomans for all they do for us with some fun things we know all hoomans will love. We wanted to do all of this, and now a few months later, we have! We are so excited for all of the amazing things the Pouncing Cats Community has in store for our future, and we hope you join us for this amazing journey. 

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Thanks for reading our very first blog post, and we look forward to hearing from you soon! We hope you have purrrfect day! 


Simon and Garfunkel (The Cats) 

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