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What Breed of Cat Lives In Your House?

What breed of cat lives in your house? The amount of cat breeds is growing every year and there are many debates about what cat breeds are and are not actual breeds. Nonetheless, it is a common belief that there are around 40 distinctive cat breeds! With so many breeds of cats to have and to love, we wanted to know the most common breeds and the things that make them so unique. Below are the 10 most popular cat breeds! Did your cat make the list?

1.) Domestic Shorthair and Domestic Longhair

Pouncing Cats Domestic Shorthair / Longhair

Domestic shorthair and domestic longhair cats are what a lot of people picture when they hear the word "cat". Something that makes this breed so popular is that it isn't an actual breed at all! Domestic cats are a mix of many different kinds of breeds to give them their very own look! This is why some are short haired and some are long haired, and almost all have a different color from one to the next! The Domestic cat's personality varies just as much as their colors and hair do! Owning a Domestic Shorthair or Domestic Longhair is surely a random guessing game; you never know what you're going to get!

2.) Maine Coon 

Pouncing Cats Maine Coon

Maine Coon's are the largest cat breed (besides large cat breeds like lions and tigers, of course). Maine Coon's can get up to 20 pounds in weight! They love to follow their hoomans around and receive a lot of attention from loved ones. Maine Coon's are also known for their playful and hunter personalities. No mouse is safe in the house of a Maine Coon cat! Even with no mice in site, these cats will pounce and attack any toy nearby. Being playful and loving cats, there is no wonder Maine Coon's are so popular. 

3.) Siamese

Pouncing Cats Siamese

Siamese cats are known for their distinctive colors and beauty! While many people love their color, they are mostly known for their strong opinions. Siamese cats talk all the time and will tell you exactly how they feel! With a loud voice, you can be sure these fun cats will grab your attention and your heart. With a loving personality, Siamese cats make a great friend to talk to and hang out with throughout the day! Does your Siamese talk a lot? 

4.) Persian 

Pouncing Cats Persian

When people think Persian cats, many people think fancy cats. Persians are medium sized and have long fur most of the time. Their fur is soft and beautiful, giving them the fancy look. Persian cats are relaxed and wise at heart. They seem to do what they want when they want, and they are always in charge. Persian cats are simple to please. A few meals, a toy or two, and a bed are all you need to make a Persian happy! If you like relaxing, quiet and sweet cats, then the Persian is the cat for you! 

5.) British Shorthair 

Pouncing Cats British Shorthair

The British Shorthair cat is a perfect addition to any family! They are known to be very chilled out and easy going with other cats and hoomans in the house. Also being very tolerant of children and dogs, British Shorthairs make for a perfect family cat! They can range in weight, but they tend to weigh more than most cats. Being larger than most, British Shorthair tend to not enjoy being held for long periods of times. Independent, but still reliant on their hooman's love! 

6.) Ragdoll  

Pouncing Cats Ragdoll

Ragdolls are thought to get their name from how they react from being held; like a ragdoll! Ragdoll cats are known to let you hold them in many ways, and they love it! Ragdolls love attention from their owners and love to be involved in family activities, even if that means just sitting on the couch. Ragdolls are also known to be smart and interactive with how they play. Many say ragdolls will chase a toy if you throw it, and we think that makes them unique! How many cats do you know of that play fetch? 

7.) Abyssinian

Pouncing Cats AbyssinianThe Abyssinian is unique in shape and a very beautiful cat overall.  Unique in shape is not all, though! The Abyssinian is a cat with an active personality and an overachieving mindset. He/She will jump, climb and run faster and with more purpose than any other cat in the house; they like to be the best at anything and everything they do. If you love an on-the-go cat with more personality than most people have, then the Abyssinian is the cat for you! 

8.) Scottish Fold

Pouncing Cats Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is known for their folded ears, something most people find too cute to handle! Along with that, Scottish Fold cats are known to be goofy. They like to pounce and play and are often found laying in weird positions. Some say they even like to "fold" themselves in half (must be where the name comes from)! Scottish Folds are the perfect addition to any family and are sure to make you smile every day! 

9.) Bengal 

Pouncing Cats Bengal

Bengal cats are gorgeous in color and shape, there is no doubt about that. Many think they look like they should be wild cats, and most of them act as if they are! Bengals are brilliant and very athletic. Find a Bengal cat running around at any time of the day and jumping from one piece of furniture to another in a matter of seconds! With a playful and athletic personality, Bengals are always looking for new toys to play with and new places to explore. Tall cat trees are perfect for this adventurous cat, but a hoomans love and attention is really the key to a Bengal's heart!

10.) Himalayan 

Pouncing Cats Himalayan

The Himalayan cat generally has long, fluffy fur. With all of that fur, you would think all they would want to do is lay around and cuddle? Well you would be right because that is one of their favorite things to do! Himalayan cats are known to be reserved and lazy. You can be sure to feel like a servant to your king/queen Himalayan cat when you find yourself bringing them their treat or toy in their bed! This cat is much less active than many other breeds, which is perfect for someone who is relaxed and wants a cat to match! Himalayan cats will be happy with anything you bring them, as long as you bring it to them and don't make them get up to get it. Himalayan cats are a perfect family cat sure to get along with everyone in the house! 


Thank you for reading the Meow Now Blog! So what breed of cat lives in your house? Did yours make the list? If so, please let us know in the comments below how close we were to describing your cat! Like, comment, share and have a puuurrrrrfect day! 



  • I have a Tuxedo kitty and a Bengal kitty, also I have two domestic kitty’s one is short haired and the other long haired they are all recues!!!

    Sonja Thomas
  • I have an abyssinian male cat

    Arlene Godbout
  • I have a short hair

  • I have two domestic shorthair cats! Both rescues!

    Hannah Edmundson
  • I have a domestic short hair and a TAILESS MANX both rescues.

    wayne wilda

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