Pounce & Play Once A Day

Pouncing Cats Subscription Box

Pounce & Play Subscription Box

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The Perfect Box For You & Your Cat

What's Inside?

Surprises For Both You & Your Cat

Cats can be picky just like hoomans can be, so we chose all of the best gifts for your cat and put it into one box! These items include cat toys and other cat themed items for the hooman. Each box will have a value of at least $40. MEWOW!

Why Pounce & Play Box?

Spend Time With Your Cat

It's always so exciting to see what goodies you are going to get! It's a special bonding moment for you and your cats to experience month after month. Your cats will be excited every single time and they will feel the love. 😻😻😻

100% Money Back Guaranteed 

If you do not like your box you will get refunded your money back instantly. No questions asked.

Pounce & Play

😺 A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat 😺

A cat is more than a pet, its part of the family! We emphasize the importance of health, which means that playing with toys is the purrrfect way for your cats to exercise. (Pounce and Play Once a Day) We know that you want to have your fur babies around for as long as possible and the best way to do that is to optimize their health.

Meet Our CEO's
(Cat Executive Officers)

This is Simon & Garfunkel and they are the reason for creating the box! We choose toys based on what they like to actually play with!


  • Can I cancel my subscription?
  • Yes! If you decide that this box isn't for you, then you can cancel at anytime. Also, full refund within 30 days.
  • What comes in each box?
  • You will receive a minimum of 3 toys and at least one thing for the hooman. If not more!
  • Shipping and charge date?
  • For each box sent out will be priority shipping (1-3 days) along with insurance. You will be charged on the purchase date, and the charged 2 months later on that same date. Boxes will be shipped out on the 1st of the month.

Limited Time Offer

Pounce & Play Subscription Box


Yes! I Want My Pounce & Play Box 😻