Pounce & Play Once A Day

Supporting Shelters

According to ASPCA, there are over 3.2 million cats put into animal shelters nationwide every year.

At Pouncing Cats, we know an animal shelter is no place for our furry friends. Our two CEO's (Cat Executive Officer's), Simon and Garfunkel, were actually adopted from an animal shelter just 4 years ago, saving them from more heartache and loneliness. We might not know how to help all 3.2 million cats in animal shelters, but we want to do everything we can to help as many fur-friends get adopted and decrease the amount of cats in animal shelters overall!  Because of this, we have created Supporting Shelters!

Supporting Shelters is our very own product line that we developed with the help of our CEO's, Simon and Garfunkel. We wanted to make a product line for hoomans to be able to represent their love for cats AND give back to local animal shelters. For every purchase made from Supporting Shelters, we donate 50% of profit to a local animal shelter! MEWOW! 

We believe all cats should find their forever home just like the founders of Pouncing Cats did, and we believe this will help them find it that much faster!