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Feather Catnip Toy
Feather Catnip Toy

Feather Catnip Toy

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Dear Cat Friends, 

The Feather Catnip Toy is super strong. Featuring a colorful feather, it is the perfect way to stimulate your cat to pounce and play! It is composed of heavy duty oxford and specialized polyester material with dual reinforced stitching for added toughness and durability so claws will not destroy or tear it apart! With all natural inner catnip inside, this toy is sure to be a favorite! 


Simon and Garfunkel (The Cats) 


    ✔️ Made of Heavy Duty Material
    ✔️ Scratch-Resistance 
    ✔️ Added Feather for Interaction 
    ✔️ Perfect for Cats of All Ages
    ✔️ All Natural Catnip Inside 
    ✔️ 2 Colors To Choose From

    Shipping: Please allow an estimated 1-2 weeks for shipping. Thank you and have a puuurrrrfect day!