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Pig Cat Scratching Mat

Pig Scratching Mat

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Dear Cat Friends, 

The Pig Scratching Mat is puurrrfect for any cat with claws! Made of natural and eco-friendly sisal and jute rope, you can scratch as much as your paws will allow! Can be hung on any and all door knobs or just about anywhere and large enough to be laid flat to be used as a mat or a lounge. We know you will love it just as much as we do! 


Simon and Garfunkel (The Cats) 


    ✔️ Perfect for Maintaining Proper Paw Health  
    ✔️ Perfect for Cats and Kittens 
    ✔️ Made of Eco-Friendly Material 
    ✔️ Can be Hung Anywhere
    ✔️ Toy Attached for Additional Fun
    ✔️ Entices Standing Movements Great for Exercising and Balancing

    Shipping: Please allow an estimated 1-2 weeks for shipping. Thank you and have a puuurrrrfect day!