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Pouncing Cats Surprise Box

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Not sure what to get your cat? You aren't alone! We know better than anyone just how picky our fur-friends can be. That's why we have put together a Pouncing Cats Surprise Box for you and your cat(s)! 

The Pouncing Cats Surprise Box will have multiple fun and interactive toys to get any cat pouncing and playing. Along with this, there is also something included in the box for you (the hooman), too! This box is fun for you and your cat to enjoy together. 

This box is a one-time purchase box only. With over 5 toys in each box, you'll have enough to keep any cat occupied for months, if not years! Each box is different, so you won't know what you will get until you are opening it with your fur-friend! 

Each box has a minimum value of $50, and a priceless amount of fun! We know you'll love it because our own CEO's (Cat Executive Officer's) Simon and Garfunkel love them!